What can Emma do?

Automatic travel time

Emma automatically adds calendar events to your calendar based on your personal preferences. Emma calculates optimal transport modes to ensure you are on time, every time. Focus more on your appointments and less on the travel inbetween.


Personal service

The more Emma works with you and your calendar, the more she understands your needs, prioritising travel options, locations and preferences.


Conflict detection

Emma identifies overlapping meetings and alerts you straight away to avoid schedule disasters.


You are in control

Emma lets you stay in the driver's seat. You can ignore override or remove Emma's contribution as much as you need. Emma will recommend the best options but you will always have the final say.


Digital calendar integration

Emma seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar and monitors it for new events. There is no need for any additional apps.


Multimodal capabilities

Emma recommends travel across a range of transport modes that are available to you. This includes car, public transport, walking and cycling.


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We currently support Google Calendar events in the UK only. Sign up and we will notify you when your country/calendar has been added.