How do I sign up for Emma.ai?

You can sign up for Emma and you will receive your personal activation email.

What countries are supported?

Emma.ai is currently available in the UK only. We are expanding to other countries - if your country is not currently supported, sign up for beta and we may prioritise your country and will keep you updated.

What calendars does Emma.ai currently work with?

Emma.ai currently works with Google calendars only. Other providers are coming soon! Please let us know if you would like us to support your calendar.

How much does Emma.ai cost?

Emma.ai is forever free for all sign ups during our beta period subject to fair use policy. We reserve the right to introduce costs in the future but all sign ups during beta will be forever free.

Why did you make Emma.ai?

Emma.ai was made after our team at Snap Out realised how much time it takes to arrange travel and plan availability around it. After one scheduling mishap we decided that we needed to stop this from happening ever again and Emma.ai was born.

How do I connect my calendar to Emma.ai?

You can connect your calendar when you first sign up with Emma.ai. We require you to accept our sharing permissions to connect your Google calendar to Emma.ai.

Can I connect more than one calendar?

Currently, you can only connect one calendar per Emma.ai account. We are currently working on support for other calendar software applications.

Do you have data and privacy policies?

Yes, you can access our policies here.

What does Emma.ai do with my calendar data?

Your data is stored securely and is not distributed to any third parties.

Where are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are available here.

I have an awesome idea for Emma.ai - how can I let you know?

We appreciate all your suggestions and feedback. Please send your suggestions to support@emma.ai.

Sign up for the beta!

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We currently support Google Calendar events in the UK only. Sign up and we will notify you when your country/calendar has been added.